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CBC News: 9 horses die during Calgary Stampede drive

CBC News: 9 horses die during Calgary Stampede drive

Maybe the “wild” horses should just be left on their ranch. I know they probably did their best and couldn’t know that the horses would get spooked, but still, if humans didn’t have such a need to interact with animals instead of letting them be free, this would not have happened.

I’m quite torn when it comes to animal rights; I like to see animals and I like to eat them too. I went to the Toronto Zoo last month and it was cute. On the other hand, captivity and human intervention has caused some of them more harm than good. I do like how the T.O. zoo seems to be more focussed on conservation/preservation of species rather than just showing them off.

I would like to get a pet. I had a poll up on another blog of mine and it seems most feel I should get a bunny or a newt. I’m still partial to a rat though, especially after seeing my Aunt’s pictures of her rat (R.I.P) in cute clothes that her sis-in-law made (although, dressing up animals in tu-tus could be considered animal cruelty :p ).

Well, I guess some dog food manufacturers are going to get an early supply of horse. Waste not, want not.


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