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Chronicle Careers: Bloggers Need Not Apply

Chronicle Careers: 07/08/2005 Bloggers Need Not Apply: “You may think your blog is a harmless outlet. You may use the faulty logic of the blogger, ‘Oh, no one will see it anyway.’ Don’t count on it. Even if you take your blog offline while job applications are active, Google and other search engines store cached data of their prior contents. So that cranky rant might still turn up. ”

I found this via Rochelle, who found it via another blogger. I agree with her sentiments for the most part. The author of the article really did seem to be looking only on the negative side and I certainly agree with Rochelle’s final thought that the author is more concerned with keeping dirty laundry out of the public eye than cleaning it up.

Personally, I know I’ve been outed. People know me. Not just my friends, but people I don’t know, know me. Yet, I don’t think I’m the type that rants much, well no serious ranting. I don’t usually talk much about people at work or in my life. I don’t seem to talk much about anything at all. I usually just collect other people’s posts and let them do the writing.

I hope that the author of the article was truthful when he said the ownerhip of a blog was not the sole reason they rejected certain candidates, and I hope noone would ever use that as the sole excuse not to hire someone.

Well, I just have to stay vigilant and remember not to post anything too personal or air any dirty laundry. :p


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