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Rattus Norvegicus

While there is some debate on whether librarians are educators or not, today I’ve decided to educate you on the topic of rats, or “Rattus Norvegicus, carrier of an epidemic” as my best friend says (but we all know it was the fleas).

Some of you may be surprised, as I was, that rats have been domesticated for over 200 years and make terrific pets. If you type “pet rat” into google you’ll discover a whole subculture devoted to pet rats and their owners.

One great resource is Pet Rats Canada. while I suspect that this site has not been updated in quite a while, the majority of its links are good and lead to an amazing amount of information on rats and rat care.

Of course, you can’t own a rat without interacting with other owners, so there are rat forums and discussion boards such as this one on Rat Palace.

And, you can’t have an obsession without merchandise. So, you can check out a variety of items from hammocks to clothing at many different stores. But if you do get it clothes, don’t forget to do your Rat Laundry.

For those librarians who must acquire all knowledge, there is the Ratty Dictionary.

Oh, and please make sure to lock up your alcohol. Rats can be quite the drinkers as seen here.

Why the interest in rats? Friday evening I adopted a little rat from the humane society. I’m the proud new mommy of a 1 yr old Pink-eyed White (mix of course, not purebred).


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