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CNN.com – New Potter book leaks in Canada – Jul 11, 2005

CNN.com – New Potter book leaks in Canada – Jul 11, 2005

You think booksellers would know better by now! I mean, for book 5 there was some store that claimed they didn’t know any better. What excuse does this bookseller have? And why is it that every store that exists is trying to get in on the action? On my way to work I saw a big window display in Shopper’s Drug Mart advertising HP. I mean, it’s a pharmacy! Yeah they also sell magazines and mass market books, but really how many HP books can be sold? I know I’ve seen in some stores plenty of book 5 still on the shelves, I expect it’ll be the same for book 6.

As for leaks, well if I was villainous I’m sure I could manage to leak something since we are currently processing HP and the HBP books. But, fortunately, I am trustworthy so I won’t try to sneek a peak; I simply look longingly at the pile of books just outside my department’s door. Besides, they are in a high traffic area near my supervisor, so it’s not like I actually could look. I just have to wait like the rest of the world.

Here’s another article on the same story from the times I guess Geist is right in his comments. It is a bit unfair to be facing charges because they bought the book. I still would hold the store responsible though.

What would you do if you saw it on sale early? Being the upstanding individual I am I actually would not buy it if I saw it and would in fact send an email off to the publisher (whether or not they’d actually read it is their business). I’m just too honest, damn it!


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