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The Globe and Mail: Ontario warned of rolling blackouts

The Globe and Mail: Ontario warned of rolling blackouts: “Suggestions include turning off lights, setting air conditioners at 26 degrees or higher, and waiting until late evening to run appliances.”

Please reduce! There’s no need for blackouts and there should be no need to buy energy from elsewhere! Is it really gonna kill you to sweat at night? (well exceptions for the elderly and sick who might actually be hurt by heat).

Last night was bad in my apartment. I don’t own an air conditioner and certainly I’m not planning on getting one. I did just get a small fan though, mainly because I don’t want my rat to get sick from the heat, otherwise I would’ve gone without.

I swear we are all spolied around here. At work, the air conditioning and ventilation isn’t working today. If I had known that I would not have worn pants, but shorts or a skirt since I’m a bit warm. I keep wanting to nod off; although that could be from the weird sleep last night.

Anyway, the point is, at least try to reduce your power usage!


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