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Governor pledges support for Internet filters in public libraries

Governor pledges support for Internet filters in public libraries

“Sixty-five percent of libraries nationwide have chosen to add filters voluntarily as complaints from parents and patrons have increased. Illinois does not require Internet access filtering for schools or libraries.”

“‘The fact is parents can’t be everywhere their kids are these days,” she said. “Adults in the community need to take some responsibility for the things they expose our children to – be it in stores or the local library.'”

I had no idea the percentage of filtered libraries was so high. I don’t mind libraries getting screens for the monitors since it cuts down on passers-by inadvertantly looking at things they might not want to see (or that patrons might not want to show); however, internet filters are a whole other story. I still haven’t heard of any that are actually effective – that is, keeping out the unwanted but allowing other sites through (you know the old story; blocking breast cancer sites, etc.). And what about the adults? Shouldn’t they be allowed to look at porn? Yes, I was a bit uncomfortable the time I was working the ref desk and the guy on the terminal closest to me was looking at Leather Fetish sites, but hey, it wasn’t against our computer policy. I know in my early twenties a bunch of us went through a porn stage. Sure we didn’t look at porn in the library, but still, to me I think a little porn-looking is natural. I mean I was a young teen when I went downstairs to my living room where I found my older brother and his friend watching a porn. I still remember it (door-to-door salesman scene). I just don’t believe library porn is really adding to the delinquency of our children. Adults, maybe, but not children. Keep in mind, when I talk about porn I mean, of course, legal porn, not the many items that are outlawed such as child pornography and violent porn which is a seperate issue.

And really, how many kids go looking for that stuff? Yes some do, but on the whole, they don’t. Ok, maybe I was one of those kids that did – well, I do remember one time my cousin and I were at the library and she showed me the Kama Sutra, but I was 12 and the black and white sketches didn’t thrill me at all, a bit disappointing actually (esp. compared to the nudie mags her dad had in the basement [which he destroyed once he remembered they were there]).

Anyway, my opinion is that: whereas, unlike video games, children aren’t learning to imitate violent actions by looking at porn, and whereas few children actually search for porn and are rarely detrimentally harmed by looking at porn, and whereas parents are ultimately responsible for minors under their care; let it be resolved that I am opposed to library filters.


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