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Skype vs. Gizmo UI? Hah! No comparison | IP Telephony | ZDNet.com

� Skype vs. Gizmo UI? Hah! No comparison | IP Telephony | ZDNet.com

I’m glad the Free Range Librarian posted on Skype today. I had heard of it before, but never looked at the site, so was clueless. Today I took the time to look at it. A few months back I was trying to find a bit of info on VoIP because I didn’t want to get a phone. Unfortunately my search skills were a bit lacking and I couldn’t really find anything other than those places that want to charge 5 or 25 dollars a month or whatever for their service. Well, if I’m going to pay that I might as well get a phone!

Anyway, I don’t own a headset, yet, so I haven’t been able to test it out. Not to mention I don’t know anyone who has Skype or Gizmo (although it seems there is one person on my hotmail list who does – but it’s not really someone I want to talk to). I did go ahead and downloaded Skype. We’ll see about Gizmo later.

I talked to my dad just a few minutes ago and he said his coworker has received calls via Skype and she found it to be poor quality; but that could have been the microphone or computer.

Point is, I’m looking forward to playing around with this once I get a headset. I wonder what this means for libraries? The next step in virtual reference? (I’m sure some great librarian has already discussed this somewhere; I just haven’t looked yet). Hmm, maybe that’s something I should put on my Ideas List for Superconference 2007 (yes, far, far away).

Oh and I never did get a phone, well no landline, just my cell. Costs less and I can carry it with me everywhere. Or forget it at home, like today, and not be bothered with telemarketers or any calls.


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