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Editions Soleil de minuit

Editions Soleil de minuit

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this publisher before, but if I have they deserve to get another mention.

Despite that I don’t really get a lot of time to read and enjoy the books I catalogue, I do usually spend a bit of extra time with books from les Éditions Soleil de minuit. Not just because they have parallel titles and translated text and other things that make cataloguing difficult, but because they are truly interesting. Today I catalogued two books from their Album du crépuscule collection, Grand-papa Giacomo and Les Trouvailles d’Adami. I remember that I also did Ajurnamat from their Roman jeunesse line. There are others I’ve done too. All had really great captivating stories.

From their website:

“Their first publications concentrated on Inuit and Amerindians‚ contemporary life, language and culture. Their picture books are unique and distinctive : they are in French and simultaneously translated in a second language pertinent to the text.”

I have catalogued at least two that were bilingual French and Inuktitut, and one French/Italian parallel text. And it’s true, they really make things fit. Like in Trouvailles d’Adam, you wonder why the boy had to move to the South and in just a couple words from the text we learn his mother is going to nursing school. It’s not a really big part of the text and some children may not even take notice, but for us adults it really does provide context and a very likely situation.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out to these folk. It almost makes me wish I had my own kids to buy these books for.


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