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CBC News: Few Americans moved north after Bush win: stats

CBC News: Few Americans moved north after Bush win: stats: “The hordes of Americans who vowed to move to Canada after George W. Bush was re-elected president last November haven’t followed through on the threat, immigration numbers show. ”

Doesn’t really seem much of a surprise. All talk, no action. :p I guess it truly is easier said than done. I could imagine myself saying “Well I’m moving to….” if, say, Harper, were elected PM but in actuality I would not likely move. I like Canada in general and I can’t afford to move anywhere. I’m sure there are plenty of Americans who decided they could spend another 4 years under Bush despite their objections.

I really don’t know of many Americans who come here because they feel like it. Most Americans in Canada that I know are here because they were either draft dodgers or they are/were married to a Canadian. I guess there are some who are here for work, but that doesn’t seem to be that big a draw.

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