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Satisfaction over Michaelle Jean doesn’t seem to be long lasting

CTV.ca | Paper points to Jean support for sovereignty

Ok, so last week people were complaining that Jean might have voted “no” in the referendum, or at least her husband did. Now I just heard on CTV that she may also hold citizenship with France (at least that’s what it sounded like; it could have been just a reference to comparing Martinique to Québec).

You know what? Last time I checked Canada includes (still!) separatists, sovereigntists, and a hell of a lot of folks with dual citizenship.

The vote was 10 years ago. While many may not have changed their views, that does not mean that Jean has not. And I don’t give a damn about her husband – he’s not the one becoming Governor General, is he? It is possible for sovereigntists and federalists to get along! I know, I’ve shared an apartment with a separatist! (And actually, the first time we discussed it my roommate made her point, it wasn’t till I had much time for reflection that I found flaws in her argument.)

I believe in a united Canada. I couldn’t stand if Québec, or the west, separated because it is all part of my heritage. One of my grandmothers is from out west; one grandfather from N.B. Three of them are Francophone, yet it’s been quite a few generations since any have lived in Québec (yet we were there some time ago). I can’t imagine that I’m the only one whose family’s history does come from so many parts of Canada.

I digress; revenons à nos moutons. I think that a person, despite some past or present beliefs, is able to represent her country appropriately and effectively, and I don’t find it two-faced. There are separatists who think Canada is great (well, good at least), just they don’t want to be a part of it; they want something of their own (which they feel they don’t have). They are not out to hurt Canada, they are out to better themselves.

And dual citizenship(if that applies in this case)? WHO CARES? to ask someone to choose one country over another; It’s like asking a person to be loyal to their mother or their father, but not both (well for some people). Get over it you silly folks. This woman could be a great spokesperson for Canada, but politics is getting in the way.

Discussion on whether the GG position should still remain is a topic for another day…


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