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CTV.ca | Talk of western separation ‘overblown:’ McLellan

CTV.ca | Talk of western separation ‘overblown:’ McLellan: “Gun control in and of itself is a Toronto-generated hysteria that cost us $2 billion and didn’t save anybody’s life, but it did persecute a lot of western people who have a lifestyle that includes rifles and shotguns”

This article isn’t about gun control. It is about the feeling of alienation in the West that could lead to more seperatist attitudes. What I hate is everyone outside Ontario thinking we’ve got it soooo much better. You know what- it is Toronto. There are just as many Ontarians embittered towards the big T Dot as anywhere else. That said, I think we all just need to get over it. Some cities are simply bigger and have different needs that the rest of us.

What bothered me about the above quote is the use of the word “persecute.” I’m sorry, paying $50 and filling out paperwork is NOT persecution – it’s bureaucracy and a hassle, but not persecution. Ask anyone who’s ever really been persecuted based on their beliefs and I’m sure paperwork wasn’t the form it took; I’m sure they’d gladly take a bit of paperwork over real persecution. Additionally, it assumes that only Westerners are hunters. I know plenty of folks around here that go hunting and they’re just as peeved about gun control as the folks out West. So stop making it an East vs West issue already!

As for seperation issues: maybe we should move the capital to Winnipeg. Get it out of Ottawa. Ok, maybe the geographical location wouldn’t make too much of a difference, but it’s true, something must be done; just because we’re bigger doesn’t mean we should ignore any other part of the country. So, how’s PEI doing? Haven’t heard from them in a while!


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