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Independent booksellers stand tall against giants

Independent booksellers stand tall against giants: “They may not be winning the fight, but neither are most of them losing thanks to some common sense and hard work. ”

This actually doesn’t surprise me. Sure there are some that haven’t been able to stand up against the competition, but for some of us Walmart and even Chapters (or whatever your bigbox bookstore may be), just don’t hold up to our expectations. I do have a hard time navigating those stores and despite having chairs and benches, they are not welcoming. They still never have what I want when I want it. So really there’s little advantage for me to go to one of those stores when smaller stores are easier for me to get to. I prefer used bookstores anyway. My city has at least 4 used bookstores in the downtown core. And there are more I believe, I just haven’t ventured out to find them.

On the other hand, the big bookstores have one advantage, for me, and that is online ordering. Since they do rarely have in stock books or magazines I want, online ordering can be very handy – quick and simple. Although even that is a moot point now since I order my books through work.

Article link found via lisnews.com


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