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Is it true…

..that librarians make the worst patrons? Well, I can’t answer that, but I think for myself, I’ll say I’m not the greatest patron.

I was enormously peeved yesterday evening. It was my own fault though, I should’ve remembered they are still on summer hours. I went to my central library to return a DVD that I borrowed 2 weeks ago. I already had renewed it once since I wasn’t able to get into the library when it was due. So I went and it’s closed. That sucks because I actually wanted to ask something at the ref desk, but I ‘m sure that can wait. What was most annoying and irritated me to heck was that there was no drop-box! How can a library not have a drop-box? Ok, I understand in some cities in some areas they can’t because of thefts and vandalism, and my library is only 4 blocks from the downtown core, but it’s still, IMO, not in a high-risk place. I really can’t see them have a good enough reason for me as to why they don’t have a drop box.

Now, it is possible they have one, but in the back, but I don’t remember seeing it there, and even if they did, they should have some sort of signage in the front directing patrons to the back. Of course my DVD isn’t due yet, I’m not even sure when it’s due – I thought Monday, but Monday is a holiday so how can they have it due on a holiday? The libraries are ALL closed Sunday and Monday (all sundays throughout the summer they’ve been closed), so that means I have to go back today to return my DVD to ensure I don’t get a great $2/day fine (they’ve already gotten $18 from me for previous offenses).

Going today means I’ve had to scrap my lovely Saturday plans. I was going to go out to the flea market/farmer’s market out north of here. It takes me three busses to do so, and lots of time. But I can’t go until I return the stupid DVD (and it was already a movie I’ve seen! I just really liked it!).

Of course, going to the library is a bit out of my way, but it did mean I *just* missed my bus requiring me to wait another 30 minutes. So 30 minutes of waiting, plus 20 from walking there and back and I still have to make the trip again. I was so frustrated I walked half way home. I probably could have walked the whole way but I didn’t eat anything yesterday during lunch, so I was starving.

I’m sorry, I guess I’m too demanding. My gym doesn’t have convenient hours for me either!


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