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Free Range Librarian: Post-Katrina Document Recovery: Time Ticking Away

Free Range Librarian: Post-Katrina Document Recovery: Time Ticking Away

The Free Range Librarian has linked to this article:

I remember reading another article yesterday somewhere (sorry don’t remember where NOLA.com maybe?) that New Orleans had just started a digitization project for some of these records, but who knows what had been done so far or if even the digitized records are safe.

Of course, loss of life is certainly more tragic than the loss of some documents, but those documents do form part of their “national cultural legacy” (as FRL put it) and I don’t know about, you, but I highly value my cultural roots.

On a side note, I’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans and Louisiana, not so much because of Mardi gras, but because of the French history – you know I’m from Acadian heritage (mon grand-père habite encore au Nouveau-Brunswick). I remember in highschool French class watching a documentary on La Louisiane and they had French subtitles for the folks who were speaking French (just local style)!

There’s still hard times ahead, but I’m an optimist.


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