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If you scroll down, way down, to the bottom of my blog you can see a new link to statcounter.com. Yes I’m collecting your visit details 🙂 Don’t worry, I won’t share it (really, who wants to know that you visit my blog 5x a day!?). I just wanted to join in the fun of examining keyword searches like so many others who blog have done. I’ve had the statcounter for about a week and it’s amazing the visits I get from foreign countries and from search pages. I wonder if this week has just been better than in the past or if it is representative of my regular traffic?

So there are now several keywords that have been used in various search engines that have led to my page. We have the usual, ask a question:
“how does thomas hardy’s tess of the d’urbervilles relate to the post industrial revolution in england” – this was from Ask Jeeves and so, how can you blame someone for typing it all out when Jeeves tells you too? Unfortunately I do not know the answer to this question – all I know is I read the book and I liked it.

A shorter question: “what does canuck mean?” – well of course “canuck” means “canadian” but doing this search myself I started to wonder where this word came from. I saw one website that had some interesting input, but not enough. I will have to follow-up on this and see if I can find a definitive answer on the origin of canuck.

Then we have some author searches “john green” and “yang yeo-jin”. Since I make a poor attempt of reviewing books I’ve read, both these authors’ names have appeared in my blog.
The search “pets in dorm rooms” left me a bit confused. I know I’ve mentioned my pet rat, but can’t think of anytime dorm rooms may have come up. Oh wait, yes, there was an article on that specific topic a few months ago.

Finally we have the semi-inverted request “librarian how to become Toronto”. Obviously there’s a librarian out there who wants to become a metropolis. Good Luck! Actually there was a similar search too, thus I added links to CLA and ALA to my blog since that’s where I went when looking for info on library schools.

That’s not all of them of course, just a few that caught my eye. hopefully I’ll keep getting some interesting search words showing up!

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