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Wired News: PayPal Freezes Out Katrina Aid

Wired News: PayPal Freezes Out Katrina Aid

I’m not certain, but I think I’m on Paypal’s side on this one. It seems everyone and their dog wants to raise money for hurricane relief, which is a noble cause, but there are already dozens of organizations out there that are more than willing to accept your donations, and you can do it online! Other than the “Hey look at me, I donated!” factor, there’s really no need for individuals to set up their own collections.

Now is it a pain that PayPal has an exclusivity deal with the United Way of America? Sure, but there’s reasons those deals exist – and yes, I’m sure those reasons are only acceptable to those organizations involved and not everyone at large, but that’s really a different discussion. I think it’s good that Paypal was on the ball making sure that people weren’t swindled out of money intended to help those devastated by the hurricane. I’d rather them be overly cautious than not care at all.


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