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CBC News: CTV apologizes – Lucien Bouchard not dead

CBC News: CTV apologizes – Lucien Bouchard not dead

Wow, reporting at its best!

“political expert Mike Duffy began eulogizing Bouchard, saying he had a “profound impact on Canadian history” before stopping.

Duffy and CTV Newsnet anchor Kate Wheeler then said they were “happy to report Lucien Bouchard is alive and well.”

How the heck do you announce on-air that such a big political figure is DEAD without doing some minor fact-checking? Sure the guy is getting older and has had some complications recently, but to just come out and say Bouchard is dead? Too eager to be the first to break the news to the English folks, I suppose.

“Duffy said CTV had been chasing the news for about 30 minutes before going live with the story, making phone calls to people close to Bouchard and the law firm where he works. “

Ok, so they tried to verify – but obviously something went wrong. Geez, people! Sometimes it’s ok not to be first, if it means you get the real story out there!


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