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Telegraph | Connected | It’s music to her ears

Telegraph | Connected | It’s music to her ears: “Would you rip files at a high or low bit-rate? Do you prefer AAC, WMA or MP3? If you are completely baffled by these questions, you are probably a woman.”

Thanks to Random Access Mazar for posting this link.

I had a great long post on this, but the internet is being pissy today and it didn’t post properly. Basically, I agree with everything Rochelle says. This article is so extremely biased – who are these women they are interviewing? It sounds like they could be middle-aged, and a middle-aged woman’s experience with technology is certainly different than a 19 yr olds! (Not that there aren’t PLENTY of 40 and 50 year olds who know what they’re doing!)

Seriously I know so many women of all age groups in many different careers, and students too. I think the article vastly underestimates us.


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