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Why cookery?

Larocque and Roll: Adventures in cookery

A questions has been directed my way, and even though I’ve only been cataloguing for 6 months, I think I’ll attempt to answer. 🙂

Once upon a time, in a land just a bit south of here, there were wise people called librarians. Librarians decided they needed to bring order out of the chaos. Those few sage persons selected to order the chaos were called cataloguers. And so these cataloguers laboured hour after hour, creating “Subject Headings” – categories that could be applied to books.

Now, overtime a rift started to form between cataloguers and other librarians. Cataloguers were beginning to be viewed as anti-social and anal eccentrics. In response to this falty view, cataloguers exercised their power by creating subject headings that the average librarian, and certainly the average patron, would never think of. Thus they created “cookery” (esp. since that is a very popular area in the library).

Fortunately all librarians, including cataloguers, are generally benevolent people and so the rift was destroyed and we all live in subject heading utopia – yes even some natural language headings can be found!

Have you hugged a cataloguer today?


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