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Two Birds, One Stone: ‘The Baby-sitters Club’ Doubles Its Market

Two Birds, One Stone: ‘The Baby-sitters Club’ Doubles Its Market

“They’re re-imagining and re-launching the popular Baby-sitters Club series in a bid to both attract new fans and recapture its older ones. The books’ new incarnations will appear as graphic novels—a literary format that has exploded in popularity of late…”

Wow. So yeah, I was one of those fans of the BSC. I only read it for about 2 or 3 years though since it was so easy to outgrow. I owned #1-40 plus 5 super specials! Unfortunately I gave them away when I was a teen to another girl who read them (a friend of my cousins). I thought I was being nice passing them on, but I regret it of course, being the book-horder that I am. The only people I can happily give my books away to are my god-kids. My god-daughter (also cousin) currently holds my copies of books 1 & 2 of the Series of unfortunate events as well as “Little princess” and i think some others…

Anyway, I might buy the new BSC when it comes out as a graphic novel – we’ll see. If nothing else, it’s another book my cousin can have!


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