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A view from the other side

The destruction of Canada: a survey – Interim, Aug 2005

I was just surfin the net as usual and came across this article. I do actually try to read such things without my bias getting too much in the way, but darn, that’s not easy.

“For about 40 years, Canada has been the laboratory for an awful social experiment. Beginning with contraception (1967) and divorce (1968), Canadian society has become a culture, coarsened by narcisicm and nihilism; these, in turn, have led us to abortion (1969) and euthanasia (2005?). Canada has become a culture, corrputed by death.”

Harsh words I find. And they only get harsher. I guess it’s not my fault though since I’m in one of those generations of broken families who just have no values. I’m not pro-life and I’m not pro-religion. I’m still up in the air on what people mean by “pro-family”. How could one not be? I mean family is good right? (Unless of course they are abusive).

But I’ve heard arguments from the other side before, and passionate ones. For instance my cousin’s grandmother (no, not the one we share) used to assist in illegal abortions way-back-when. She is now utterly anti-abortion and pro-life and will speak on this at any time, even Thanksgiving dinner with her toddler grandchildren sitting next to her! I understand she has seen some nasty things, and I too believe that sometimes abortion is misused (that same cousin has an acquaintance that has had 4 abortions and 2 children – all unplanned; not that we should really be judging her, but this woman really has chosen abortion as her birth control method). That still does not sway me from believing that a woman should have control over her body and whether or not she conceives. I do NOT think choosing to be childless means giving up any feminine qualities. Woman does not equal mother. In the past it has done so more, but still, even before contraceptives not all women were mothers.

Ok, so this is going off course. I just feel, that even with these opposing views on key issues, Canadians shouldn’t believe Canada is devoid of morals. Look around! There are people doing good works and taking care of each other. There’s lots of decent, upstanding folks, both religious and non-religious, liberal and conservative doing great things! Compared to some countries, I think we’re pretty darned good! (Of course, I’ve never lived in another country, so I can’t really compare; I’ll just imagine a comparison)

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