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Why do we blog?

It seems Travis wants to know specifically what gets MLS/MLIS students blogging. I was on my co-op term during my MLIS at an academic library when I started blogging. One day a librarian was in my office, showing me the chat reference software and telling me all about how to do virtual reference and then somehow we started talking about blogs. I had been just starting to look at blogs and read maybe two or three (I think lisnews.com was one). She showed me the library’s blog and then she added me to the list of bloggers. It was a blogger blog so I decided to make my own blog too since I now had a username.

I’m not sure really why I started blogging. I’ve never thought I’ve ever had much to say. I guess part of it is to keep in touch with people who know me. Part is making connections with people I don’t know. I also do it just to keep track of new info – you know how they say you only remember so much of what you read, and so much of what you write, etc. Thus if I write a little something about a topic, I’m more likely to remember it later on. I also think I blog because it’s now the cool thing to do – not that I’m one for following trends, but this is a fun trend, so why not? I enjoy it when I get emails or comments from folks out there; it’s nice to be able to have discussions and it’s nice to be read.

I haven’t gone back to look at my early posts, but I think that’d be a good and fun thing to do! (I’m only 8 months out of my MLIS – I wonder how much my perspective could have changed?) So no new or breaking theories here, just the usual, but that’s fine by me!


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