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Curiousity or just plain nosey?

I’m sure most have you have Googled a friend or family member. Many have probably Googled themselves too.
I’ve Googled my dad, brother, other family members.
I’ve Googled highschool friends and sorority sisters.
I even Googled myself once I saw the stats on how many people Google themselves. And I’ve Googled many variations of my name. I now do this every couple of months to see where I’m at.
We know employers may Google job seekers or employees, and likewise employees Google employers. But here’s the question, what about employees Googling each other?

Today I received an email from my supervisor announcing a new full-time cataloguer to be starting on Monday. Alright. Then later when I was on lunch I was bored and decided to Google the new cataloguer. She was the first hit. How do I know? Because it was a profile page for some site I’d never heard of and the location would put that person within 2 hours of here as well it listed her education – unmistakeably library related. So, it was her, but it’s not like it had a lot of information. I mean, what can I do with the fact that she likes such-and-such tv show and so-and-so is her favourite character?

Should I have Googled her though? Is that an invasion of privacy somehow(well it’s on the internet, but…)? Or crossing the professional boundary? Should I avoid telling my friends who work there whatI found out? Does any of this really matter?

Have you ever Googled your coworkers?


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