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A different take on the library calendar

CLA: Marketplace. Fundraising calendar for Lakedell Public Library

So we’ve all seen librarian calendars with librarian workers showing the stereotype ain’t true. I think a library in Alberta did one a couple years ago with a tatooed librarian, and a motorcycle librarian, etc. and I think a library in the states somewhere did one this year.

Well, here’s a slightly different take on the library fundraising calendar. It doesn’t feature librarians (AFAIK) but rather, men. The “Look. Men read. See men read.” calendar aims:

-to raise awareness of the benefits of reading, literacy, and libraries;

-to provide positive role models to counter the image of men as reluctant readers; and more specifically

-to raise funds for a new public library building and collection at Pigeon Lake, Alberta

For only $20 Canadian who wouldn’t want one? I mean, I might get one just to check out the rest of the men inside 🙂

Ah, yes, nothing like objectification of the human body :p (really I am quite torn), but it is art so that makes it alright.


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