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CTV.ca | Scientists discover 10th planet’s moon

CTV.ca | Scientists discover 10th planet’s moon: “Brown labeled the object a planet and nicknamed it Xena after the lead character in the former TV series ‘Xena: Warrior Princess.’ The moon was nicknamed Gabrielle, after Xena’s faithful traveling sidekick”

Oh, that’s funny. Our planets are named after Roman gods, so heck lets just throw in a few tv characters for good measure!

I was just taking CTV’s weekly news quiz – you know questions on headlines from the week (Katie and Toma are having a baby!?!), and I actually got the question referencing the linked article correct. (in all i only got 5/10 correct and did better that 19% – well not bad considering I only watched the news once this week!)

Point of this post: Astronomy is good and so is “Xena”.


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