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The silence is deafening!

I know it’s not good to rant about work, so this isn’t a rant. Last week a new policy was created for the workplace to cut back on noise complaints I guess. It’s pretty basic, nothing special, made sense – essentially no screaming, yelling or talking loudly by offices and wear headphones when listening to music. Then they just revised it to add in that the use of non-work related streaming audio and video is strongly discouraged due to band-with. First off, this really has nothing to with the sound and noise issue (since the part where they tell us to use headphones covers this). Second, what the heck am I going to do without the radio???? My productivity is going to go way down – and it is even up to par yet. I need the music to distract the part of my brain that wants to jump on the internet and look at my Bloglines and email and all that jazz. Of course I understand that bandwith is, I guess limited, but still my employee satisfaction is worth more 🙂
Ok I’m selfish, but, hey I’m not the lowest on the totem anymore. (Off topic, but is “lowest on the totem pole” now politically incorrect to use? because, after all, isn’t the animal/god depicted at the bottom of a totem pole of lower importance anyway?)
Well, I guess I have to go make some mix CDs to bring into work now. Yeah like changing the CD player every 30 min isn’t distracting (yeah I know I can have more music on a CD than that, but I do get bored easily). Maybe this is just work’s way of telling me I should invest in the outrageously expensive iPod.


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