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No, it wouldn’t be enough!

From my local news: “As if selling millions of albums wasn’t enough, the Governor General cited Twain’s work with children as a reason for the award. “

So, I’m looking at this and going, “Huh?”. Of Course selling millions of records is NOT enough to earn the Order of Canada. I’m sorry, I certainly hope the OC is not that easy to get. In fact, according to the Governor General’s website, the OC “recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation.”

Selling records means nothing to me as a citizen. Sure we can talk about the need for cultural icons, but no, if someone is getting this award, she/he should earn it by doing something beyond her/his day job. Sometimes reporters say/write the silliest statements.

Here’s a fuller article on Shania and her being added to the Order of Canada from CTV.


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