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A little bit of 793.3/3

I haven’t been posting often lately, but I won’t apologize. I blog
when I can. I have several posts in draft form, but I’m not sure how
many, if any, will actually make it to here.
It seems one of the reasons I’m blogging less is because during my
breaks at work I’m working on my OLITA duties as a conference planner
for the OLA
Super Conference.
; I’m in the process of setting up all the
convenors and emailing them the contact info for the speakers. So that
cuts down on workday blogging.
Also, I haven’t been online a lot because I haven’t been home for
extended periods of time like before. Yes, after living here for nine
months I finally have a social life, well a bit.
I mentioned before
, I started dance lessons back in September as a
way to get active, and surprisingly there is an ok dance scene here in
town. This past weekend there was a big workshop and a great dance.
Anyway, as I have been discovering there seems to be some sort of
correlation between librarians (or lib students) and swing dancing.
Ok, so besides myself and my co-worker I know of only two others in
the LIS field that dance, but considering swing is no longer
mainstream, that’s pretty good. Both of the two that I know are
current students in the MLIS program at UWO,
although they actually don’t know each other! One of those students
also worked here during the summer but I didn’t get into the dancing
til after she moved.

793.3/3 is the Dewey for Ballroom dancing (Round dances) “Including
disco dancing, fox trot, jitterbug, waltz” and of course that includes
swing and salsa. For some reason I find it amusing that books on disco
and waltz are classified in the same number.


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