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CBC Montreal – Report reveals child labour linked to Wal-Mart

CBC Montreal – Report reveals child labour linked to Wal-Mart: “Investigative journalist Luc Chartrand of the Zone Libre program posed as an international buyer, and made his way to factories in Bangladesh which make clothing for Wal-Mart including house brands such as Simply Basic, BUM, 725, and George.”

There are a lot of folks out there that claim WalMart is the big evil. This only proves that they were right. Besides making it difficult for some locally-owned business in towns and cities where they set-up shop, as well as making it impossible for employees to unionize (no, there’s no way you’ll convince me they weren’t obstructing unionization), WalMart also supports child labour in foreign countries (no surprise).

Okay, the article does state that WalMart cancelled those contracts, which is good (in a way), but why did they have to wait to be exposed ebfore doing so?

I have an uncle that argues those children need the money they make from those jobs, so why should we take it away from them. The first time he said this to me I was dumbfounded. Of course cancelling contracts with companies that hire children workers is not the answer. The answer is really complex. We need to help get those kids back in schools, while helping their parents’ to be able to support their families. I don’t have a problem with 14 or 15 year olds working in a healthy environment, but I find something objectionable about 8 year-olds in sweat shops.

There are organizations out there that are trying to solve this dilemma, UNICEF to name just one.

I know of several people who refuse to step foot in WalMart, and I think it’s time I stopped going there too. “Buy Local” doesn’t have to mean just produce anymore.


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