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A little more time, please?

I actually have written posts – but then deleted before publishing for various reasons.

I feel that things are a bit hectic because I’m feeling spread thin. What book (or movie?) is that from, that quote about too little butter spread over too much toast (or something like that)? Never mind, found it on IMDB. Yeah, so that’s how I’m feeling. Now onto other things.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate the French “récit.”

At work, everyone in my department (as well as anyone with an office/cubicle) is getting a nameplate. I think that’s a good idea – and about time! I don’t know a lot of workers outside my department so if I have to go looking for one of them for some reason, I’m lost. Also, there have been plenty of times (okay, maybe 3) when someone comes in here looking for me, and I can tell they are looking for me (usually by the book in hand), but they don’t know my name so have to ask around until they get me. So yes, nameplates are a great idea – wonder why it took them 40 years to think of that! (Well I guess we’ve only been in this new location for a few years and there are many more employees now than in the past.)

I’m starting to get into the holiday spirit. Last night I purchased some stickers and cardstock to make some cards. I also bought a Christmas birthday card for my Dad – you know how hard that is usually!?! There’s a store in Uptown Waterloo called the Paper Tree and they were open late because of the holidays, so I was finally able to go in and snoop around (I’m usually uptown only in the evenings after 7 pm when everything is closed, except Shoppers Drug Mart).
That reminds me, I really need to drag my laptop uptown. Waterloo Uptown went wireless back at the end of October. The Waterloo Public Library already was wireless (and it’s somewhere near the city centre), but I haven’t actually ventured there yet. I actually haven’t gone anywhere other than King and Regina Streets (and the Mall, but that’s not uptown). Really, it’s just that technically I live in Kitchener so I’ve felt that I should explore there first, but the truth is, Waterloo is more appealing.

Speaking of WPL, look what they’re doing: Waterloo Library Showcases Staff Talents in “After Hours” Exhibit. That’s pretty cool giving staff a place to show off that they know more than just books. I remember back at UWO I saw some paintings in Weldon library that were done by staff. I think it’s a great idea; I just have no talent so I appreciate others who do.

And not to overlook the Kitchener Public Library, I should mention that the Reader’s Advisory librarian, Sharron Smith has recently had a book published by Libraries Unlimited in their Genreflecting Advisory Series, titled Canadian Fiction: A guide to Reading Interests, along with co-author Maureen O’Connor. I have had a look at the book and it is wonderful! If I had $60 to spare I would buy it for myself. It is a reference book that every highschool, public library and university library in Canada should have! Sharron and her co-author have worked over 3 years to cover more than 600 Canadian titles and have handy categories such as genre and setting, you know, the useful things teachers and librarians use to help others find books they might like to read. For those of you in Canada, it is available through the OLAstore. I guess anyone else can get it through Libraries Unlimited.
If you are attending the OLA Superconference, Sharron and Marureen will be presenting a session on “GREAT CANADIAN FIRST NOVELS” (Session #1012, Friday 9:05 am)

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