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Bogged down with distractions

In my work, there are no project deadlines, there’s no real team work,
there isn’t a variety of duties. I sit, I catalogue. Others have
deadlines, but me, I don’t really. I know there’s one library that
we’re trying to rush through their end-of-year books, so instead of
doing books in order (by date of receipt), I picked from a list for
that library. Those books have to be done by end of next week (I’m
sure I’ll be done by Wednesday).
Team work and collaboration? Well here, we always get up and ask each
other questions: “Is this a series statement?”, “Do you think this is
nonfic or fic?”, “What the hell was this publisher thinking when they
did this?”, etc. but there aren’t any group projects – not in this

What am I getting at? Basically, anything I do that is not cataloguing
is not really work time and cuts into my stats. So, although my
supervisor, my supervisor’s supervisor and the CEO think it’s great
that I work with OLITA and OLA on the conference, when I have to make
a conference call, that time has to be made up. I realize that there
may be others in the same boat, but I know there are a lot that do get
“real” credit for their professional involvement.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a rant. I bet it does, but it’s not
meant to be. I really do enjoy working here; I enjoy my job and the
environment. It’s just the multiple projects that I miss a bit,
although I have enough on my volunteer “plate” right now, so that
actually is pretty much covered. Diversity and variety of work is
soemthing that I liek, but never realized til now.

So, when a friend called my cell not too long ago and asked me if I
could look at her cover letter because she was pretty much offered a
job but has to go through all the formalities of an interview this
afternoon, I took a minute or two to do that for her. Normally it
wouldn’t be a problem but because we had a baby shower at work this
morning for a coworker, and then I had a conference call, I was
already behind. As well, my friend doesn’t know how to save files in
.txt format. She sent it to me in a WordPerfect file so I asked her to
resave and send again as a text file and she sent it again as .wpd
(but filename.txt.wpd)! She claims she can’t save it as text. It’s
really unbelievable the range of competencies that people have. She is
really not bad with computers and works with them just fine, but its
the little details that show how much one may or may not know. I ended
up opening her file in notepad and reading through all the gibberish
to check her cover letter and then just emailed my suggestions back to
her. I’m such a good friend. 🙂

And how did I find time to write this entry? That’s another good thing
about Gmail – autosave. I can write a sentence or two when I have a
second, and then continue it later.


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