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What is a nerd? How it differs from a geek?

What is a nerd? How it differs from a geek? | Wikinerds Portal: “A nerd is an intelligent person fascinated by knowledge and learning.
In contrast, a geek is a person merely fascinated by technology. Not only that, but many geeks also watch cinema movies or read fiction books. A typical geek’s brain probably has active both its logic and imagination centres, while the brain of a nerd may have an extremely active logic centre and an underperforming imagination centre.”

Finally an answer! I’ve always had my own definitions for geeks and nerds and so I was/am a bit confused with the whole “geeks are cool” and “I [heart] geeks” trend because well, I always prefered nerds over geeks. See, in my personal definition, nerds are geeks with smarts, i.e. a geek would be someone who encompasses the stereotypical qualities such as social awkwardness and lack of fashion sense, and perhaps be interested in tech things, but essentially wasn’t very smart whereas nerds could be all those things plus smart (book smart we’re talking here).

However, given the above definitions, I think I like geeks and nerds equally, or maybe even geeks win a bit of ground. I always thought of myself as a geeky nerd (or nerdy geek?), but I don’t think I fit into either nerd or geek categories now. Hmm. There goes my self-image! :p

I forgot to mention that there is a LCSH for “Geeks (Computer enthusiasts)” and they could be classed under computer scientists, 004.092. Alas, there is no heading for Nerds.


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