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Que. man fired from Zellers for taking chocolate out of garbage for his kids

Que. man fired from Zellers for taking chocolate out of garbage for his kids

Maybe I’m a scrooge, but I’m actually on Zellers side on this one. See, I worked there for a year, so I know all employees receive exensive training on company policies including what is considered theft and on loss prevention. They are told that garbage is company property. Why? Because some employees are stupid enough to throw items out on purpose and then retrieve them later. I thought it was common knowledge that garbage is NOT free for the taking (hence why you should ask to take the couch sitting at the side of the road that looks like it’d fit in your rec room). This man was employed for only 2 months which means all this training should have been fresh in his mind. Would it have hurt to ask his supervisor? Only his pride maybe.

Yes it’s harsh to be fired at Christmastime, but if we all weren’t so into consumerism, it wouldn’t really matter, would it? If we didn’t spend hundreds on presents and such, wasting money, others wouldn’t be ashamed that they receive nothing. In my family there was a max of $100 on each kid – and I always thought that was a lot. It’s absurd the $$ spent currently. I know I’m no angel. I don’t practice 100% of what I “preach”, but I try (this year’s shopping totals – $60 on 2 magazine subscriptions for the godkids, $150 for my dad because the 25th is his birthday, and yes there are technically more ppl I could buy for, but I don’t feel obligated because I shouldn’t).

This man had a job so at least there was likely food on the table – if not there are food banks and other holiday programs that help with this. I’ve been on both sides of the food bank – donating and receiving. There’s nothing shameful about it (and sometimes you get some good stuff!).

He made an error in judgement, he paid the price. End of story. Too bad it’s now going to be on his work record (because I’m sure it’ll show up as stealing).


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