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Cataloguers have a sense of humour too!

Sometimes cataloguers get a bad reputation as being sticks in the mud. Well, I’d just like to say that cataloguers really do have a sense of humour. Really, we do! We can’t be blamed that not everyone gets our jokes.

We just finished the optional Secret Santa for our department in which 11 of us participated. I now know who the truly dedicated cataloguing geek in our department is. Instead of a gift tag or normal card, one woman created a catalogue card for the gift she gave. It was so cute! I wish my supervisor (who ended up being the recipient) would scan it so I could post it. She had a Dewey for it, and even created an added entry for herself (she put herself in the 245 $c to supervisor’s name ; from cataloguer’s name). That alone would’ve been an awesome gift!

Yes, we openly admit to being cataloguing geeks. It’s fun. As for me I ended up with a chocolate orange and a snowflake decoration and I gave a gift certificate to EB games as well as cookies I baked. I made the card that I gave – I heard the guy wanted a flat screen t.v. so I drew a square and wrote “T.V.” in it, and then had a little arrow pointing to it that said “flat screen”. :p So he got his wish, kind of. Well he seemed really happy about the GC and cookies anyway.

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