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Library system costs too much

Library system costs too much: “We made it through and none of us had to use the Windsor library. We have the Internet and we are able to get all the information we need at home and from other sources. I can’t believe it costs $7.6 million per year to run the Windsor library.”

“The mayor should talk to me and I will run the library system for millions less if the people running it now can’t, and the city will have millions of dollars to spend on much-needed other things.”

These are quotes from a Letter to the editor in my hometown’s newspaper. What idiocy. People are really clueless, aren’t they?, when it comes to library services.

So reading isn’t constructive?

There are lots of places for teens to hang out?

Other places to do job searches?

Really Mr. Rivest. I think you should come into the city and ask a few folks who live here instead of judging from your lofty home in Belle River.

Ask any teen, and they’ll tell you there’s not enough to do in Windsor. Those who are allowed, take the bus over to Detroit for concerts and such, but there are plenty that like to hang out in the libraries, and maybe actually learn something, or at least engage socially with their peers in a comfortable environment.

I really wonder what places he’s referring to for the job searches. If he means the employment offices, well, I would hardly say that they are “not even close to capacity.” Not to mention, they actually don’t give too much assistance (they try, but demand is high).

Oh, and I so love the idea that the library has only old books, so let’s make sure NOT to give them money so that they can update their collections.

Here’s the original article: Library weighs 2-week closing (7 day archive)

I agree with the WPL’s CEO, people do want longer hours, not less. Or at least I did when I lived there. My local branch was always closed when I wanted to use it. And Mr. Rivest, got to tell you my branch was never empty – lots of kids, new immigants, families and yes teens were always there. But now that I think of it, you live in Belle River, so your taxes don’t support the WPL to begin with, so what the heck are you ranting about?

Those county folk need to stick to their own county business. :p (ok this last line is a joke – I have lots of friends from the county, and they are all fine and I’m sure support libraries, especially the one woman I did my MLIS with.)


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