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Mayor decries ‘Sin City’ label in article

Detroit News: Is Windsor the Super Sin city?

Windosr Star: Mayor decries ‘Sin City’ label in article

At first, it’s kind of humourous that Windsor has such a nasty label: sin city North. Yet, after a while it does get quite tiresome.

I was at my dad’s for the holidays and last wednesday a sorority sister from Fenton, MI came up with her boyfriend to go to the Casino. So I met her downtown and gave a mini tour of the area. I explained how much the Windsor economy depends on Americans and that’s why downtown has a gazillion bars and clubs and restaurants, and there are lots of bingo halls around, but shopping is a bit sparse. We laughed as I pointed out the “massage” parlours that are open til 4 am.

Windsor has such a poor reputation for so many reasons, but I assure you, it’s actually a pretty nice place to live. I grew up there and I turned out ok. I don’t have a problem with the fact that there are strip clubs and cigar shops in Windsor, although the “sex for money” bit irks me, but hey, what people do in their private bedrooms, or hotel rooms, is their business. Sure I find it disheartening that the women who choose to strip or to be escorts often do it (generally, not always), because they feel they have no other options and only see themselves as objects already, and not because they are empowered women who love their bodies and themselves and truly acknowledge the value of their person, but I don’t think that’s really an issue that’s easily fixed. If a woman is comfortable in her career choice, than great. Strippers, “masseuses”, and escorts are people that have families; I’ve known some of them, so I’m not going to knock them down when they are just trying to provide for their kids.

Back to the city though. Why does it have such a bad reputation? It isn’t the only city to have strip clubs, escorts and cuban cigars. A lot of other Canadians, or maybe just Ontarians, also have a negative perception of Windsor – they think it’s too “americanized”. And maybe it is, but why is that bad? Why is it wrong that I prefer to speak in Farenheit yet also kilometres? Sure I know Celsius and use it, but I still like Farenheit. I do get confused when people talk in miles though. This week I was talking to my dad and he kept using miles and I had to keep asking him to translate to KM. Why do other Canadians sometimes frown upon the relation the Border Cities have? I like that I grew up next to Detroit. I loved our International Freedom Festival. Sometimes I feel like a “bad Canadian” since I’m not in love with the CBC. I think I learnt as much from PBS as I did TVO (yes American and Canadian Sesame Street – maybe that’s why I took both French and Spanish in university).

The University of Windsor also has a poor reputation: “last chance u.” That’s primarily because they offer students with slightly lower highschool GPAs entrance into first year. Ever heard of second chances? I’m glad the university does have a slightly lower entrance GPA – I know many students who would not have gotten an education otherwise, and I don’t see that as a bad thing!

What I like about my hometown:

Art in the Park
Carrousel of Nations
All the parks, especially Reaume, Dieppe, Jackson and Ojibway parks.

And there’s lots more, I just really need to get back to work! (I started this post yesterday!)


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