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So Misguided: Women who blog

I’m sharing the love, as Monique at So Misguided wrote. If you haven’t read Patricia’s post on BookLust about women who blog and a not so flattering article in Glamour, go do so.

So, of course, I’ll start by saying I do read BookLust and So Misguided because they write about books and other stuff that I find interesting.

Most of the blogs I read are in the biblioblogosphere, so most are librarians or library-related, so that’s what you’ll find here, but I’ll try to steer away from the “big names.”

The woman blogger who started it all for me was Mita at New Jack Almanac. She introduced me to blogs, RSS and aggregators (although I had been reading a couple blogs before). I started this blog shortly after she showed me how. I enjoy her commentary on culture and life in general.

Rebecca at Larocque and Roll shares awesome recipes as well as some interesting dancing stories and genreal “Northern” living stuff. (Are you still dancing? When’s the next recital :p)

Elizabeth at Challenges along the Way is a former classmate, well kind of, I don’t think we ever took a course together. I enjoy how her faith gives her a beautiful way to look at the world and also I like her tales of library student-hood.

Devon at Closer by Half is my government insider. Well, she certainly shares more insight in that domain than I would have without her.

Tiny Little Librarian gives me the sense that being a children’s librarian may actually be fun. Her book reviews are always appreciated and of course her patron tales and refgrunts are amusing too!

Alison at Brainylady makes knitting for the non-knitter interesting. I love it when she posts pics of her projects. I still find it weird how we met even though she was halfway around the world when I first discovered her blog. I cried (at work!) when I read of Bea’s passing.

So that’s just a few of the women who blog that I read. Your turn, share the love, will ya?


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