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On the way home from work I stopped in a pet store to check it out. I’d never been in it before and Julius needed some treats. Well, I had been thinking about getting him a cage too since he’s been in a deluxe hamster cage and that was too small. So I got a proper rat cage (3 levels).

And then I bought a “brother” for Julius. It wasn’t too hard to choose; there were only 3 males: 1 rex and 2 hooded (I think that’s what they’re called). Anyway, the rex was brown and shy, and one of the hoodeds was too. So I took the one that came up to my hand and sniffed/licked my finger.

I couldn’t decide to stick with a theme for names (Latin) or try something new. Currently he’s going by D.D. (Dewey Decimal) because he has one big spot on his back. But D.D. sounds like such a girl’s name, I don’t think I’ll keep it. Suggestions? Maybe he should be called Augustus? Eventually I may work my way through the entire Julio-Claudian dynasty.

Julius and D. haven’t met yet. I have to keep them seperate for 2 weeks and then gradually introduce them to each other on neutral ground. I’m a bit nervous because Julius is at least 4x bigger, probably more.

While browsing the store, I read a few passages from Training your pet rat that was on the sales rack. I should get a rat book. They have lots of useful tips.

BTW, it was so difficult taking his picture! Little guy wouldn’t pose! I finally got this one, and I think it intersting how he’s next to the Hello Kitty on my shirt. Could cats and rats be friends?


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