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&*@#! language on the rise

&*@#! language on the rise: “And, the perpetrators are younger than ever. Some kindergarten teachers say it’s not uncommon for their students to swear at them, including using the F-word.”

I just thought I’d share that I used the F-word when I was in Kindergarten (with Miss Farrah, although she later became Mrs. Brisebois). I got put in the corner. When I sat down, I said it again and the kids tattled, but the teacher didn’t do anything that time. I blame the adults. I knew the word was used to express discontent; I didn’t know it was a “four-letter word”. I think I learnt my lesson anyway, since I rarely use the word, although I do use “friggin” a few times a week.

I really have to say I hate sitting on the bus listening to people having an otherwise normal conversation, yet every sentence containing at least one swear word. It’s so annoying. And it’s no longer just young people but some 20-, 30-, 40-year olds too. I have yet to tell anyone to shut up, but I feel that it’s not that far away (I especially hate it when they swear in front of older adults and children).

I find the comment in the article about “suck” interesting. When I worked in a Polyvalente in Québec, I would use the word “suck” all the time and the kids were at first quite astonished; they had assigned it a much dirtier and negative meaning than what I have for it. At least I had been forewarned about this semantic difference. I also think I remember my mom telling us (my brother and I) not to use “suck” as well. I guess that lesson didn’t stick.

Kindergarten was my worst year of school ever. I wonder how I ever grew to enjoy it?


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