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Éditions Contreforts

I often find whie cataloguing that I’m more interested in the publishers than the books themselves. I like discovering publishers that provide books in a certain niche and see what else they have.

Also, I like it when a book brings up memories no matter how inconsequential the reference. For instance, I just finished cataloguing, Une Chaise bleue pour l’été by Claude Paquette ans I noticed that Éditions Contreforts is in Victoriaville.

Victoriaville is one of the places that I spent a lot of my free time while I lived in Québec and worked for la commission scolaire des Bois-Francs, located there. Most weekends I went to Victo because it was bigger than the town I lived in. Often I went to the Cégep to see the films they showed on the weekends (so many I saw there – really broadened my film-watching horizon). There were several shops that I loved to visit. I watched le Grand défi and up in Arthabaska I visted Sir Wilfred Laurier’s home where a friend of mine actually got to play his wife’s piano (which was horribly out of tune since noone has touched it in years).

What was interesting about Victo too, was that at one time, I believe, there was army training in the area, and my grandfather has a picture of his brother in front of the Victo train station. The train no longer goes to Victo, but the railroad was turned into bike trail and train station into park/rest stop/tourist info. It was kind of cool visiting there and knowing that my great-uncle whom I never met had stood in the exact spot so far away from our homes.

Anyway, I just think it’s neat how our brains work intertwining all these memories and such. I guess I’m more sentimental than I thought (or maybe it’s just because my birthday is coming up and so I’m lookingback over my life.)


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