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Ha! See, I’m fine!

Ask an Expert: Winter weather and infections: “Although it is preferable that one should stay warm, there is little hard evidence to suggest that not wearing a hat or that exposure of wet hair to inclement weather increases the risk of infection or more specifically, pneumonia”

I just got into work and have barely setteld when a friend walks by and, teasingly, tells me that her mother’s number one rule is to not go out with wet hair, especially in the winter.

I snapped at her, but I didn’t really mean to. I just wasn’t settled yet, and people really do say that to me on at least a bi-weekly basis. I rarely blow-dry my hair. Rarely. I have done it, but my hair is so thick that it takes forever – and I certainly can’t do it do that it looks good, so I just don’t.

Anyway, I always suspected that everyone else was wrong about this; wet hair doens’t make me sicker than dry hair people. Besides, I’m at least smart enough to wear a hat. So the only negative thing I found is that it is actually not good for the hair itself because the freezing can lead to breakage. Well, if I was particularly vain I might actually care, but I’m not, so I don’t.

So you can all be rest-assured that the wet hair in winter is an old wives’ tale. (you know, when I was a kid I though it was “old wise tale”, made more sense to me.)


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