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Campaign takes Martin to Kitchener today | The Record.com

Campaign takes Martin to Kitchener today | The Record.com

Forest Glen plaza is just down the road from my work and is where we go (usually) for lunch on Wednesdays. Today we went for pizza and the guy commented on how packed the plaza was and mentioned he heard Martin was to be coming. I didn’t think he was serious at first, but when we left, I did notice a few protesters (or were they supporters?) hanging around the office (I think there’s a campaign office there). It would’ve been neat to see him, even if I don’t support the Liberals. You know, it’s not too often us common-folk get to be in a reasonable proximity of such “celebrity”.

Oh and to all of you “progressives” out there, I say ignore Martin’s plea to go Liberal and go NDP; it’s hard to admit, but I’d rather a minority Conservative government than a Liberal one right about now (well considering teh Cons are doing so well in the polls)- as long as it’s a minority those Conservatives can be kept in check.

In lighter election news, maybe you’d like to try the Internet Anagram Server with your candidates, like Matt did on his post at the Record blogs?


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