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Frustration is…

when you wake up in the morning and check your coat pocket for your
phone (because of all the clocks and watches it is the most accurate),
and realize it’s missing. For a moment you feel disconnected from the
world since you have no home phone (although much later you realize
that you do at least have SkypeOut).

After seaching the usual places (beside bed, on top of VCR, bathroom
sink..) you realize it must’ve fallen out last night when you slipped
and fell on the ice and hurt your wrist and were worried that the
wrist would be sprained so didn’t think to check all pockets.

Of course you skip showering and get dressed to go for a morning walk
on the slim chance that the sidewalks have yet to be shovelled and the
phone will still be laying there. This hope grows as you trudge back
over your footprints from the night before. All hope is lost when you
approach the area where the fall occurred and find that that block
indeed was shovelled, it is in front of a school and park entrance
after all.

You ask the smoking teenagers hanging out at the trash bins by the
school if any of them happened upon your beloved cellphone (which had
two Hello Kitty charms from Japan) but alas, they don’t even walk that

Once at work you give your cell a call on the off-chance someone has
seen it and picked it up. Passer-bys do no good since the phone is set
to vibrate not ring. No answer.

Good news is you can go online and tell the phone people your phone is
lost and you’ll be able to keep your same phone number. Bad news is a
new handset is going to put you back a helluva lot more than you can
spare right now.

Update: today (Jan 25) I got a call at work. A woman found my phone, scrolled through, called my mom (long distance) to get my name and then called work. Turns out she knows a couple people that work here too. Odd thing is, while she does live near me, I know where I lost my phone, and it wasn’t on her street (I’m guessing a kid from the alternative school picked it up and was using it till I had service shut off). Now, I have to see if I can return my fancy schmancy new cameraphone since I’ll have my old one (I’m kinda hoping they won’t take returns so I’ll have no choice but to keep the new phone).


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An instructor, a reader, a dog-owner, and advocate; that's how I define myself and these aspects directly impact my interests and conversations.


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