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OLA: Session 614, Finding Buried Treasure: Topic Maps for Metadata

Finding Buried Treasure: Topic Maps for Metadata
Speaker: Lynne Howarth

I convened this session this afternoon. Lynne made this session very interactive with having us participate in a couple activities. She is currently working on a project creating a “crosswalk” between different metadata schemas. That is, there are so many schemas out there (Dublin Core, VRA, ONIX, etc.) yet there aren’t really any tools to search them all at once; well maybe but not effectively or not like this.
Basically she looked at 9 schemas which had 755 meta elements and whittled them down to 17. Now she is working on creating a tool that “will access metadata-enabled multilingual resources in knowledge repositories developed and maintained by libraries, archives, and museums”

She showed us DUCK (Device for the Uniform Categorization of Knowledge) and how she and her colleagues envision using it. She showed us various ways they are considering displaying the results of a query. Lynne also shared with us the results from focus groups of experienced online searchers and inexperienced searchers. Although most of us know there is a difference in the way novices and experts search, it’s interesting to see just how they differ. Also interesting to see how they differ in preferences for results display.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the cataloguer in me that can’t get enough of metadata.


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