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Celebrities at OLA

First you should realize the meaning behind my use of “celebrity.” See, I’m the type that would get more excited about meeting a local news anchor than some Hollywood actor.

At OLA I’ve found there are two types of celebrities: Librarians and everyone else (usually authors or keynotes). Today at the exhibits I met two of the latter.
First I was standing there talking to my former supervisor and see this man in a hat. He looks like a comedian, but what the heck would a comedian be doing here? Anyway, my ex-supervisor confirms that I’m right, so I go up to him an say hello, we chat for a few seconds; I tell him I’m a conference planner and he says he’s written a children’s book and was here for a signing. So who was it? It was Sean Cullen! The title of his book is Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates of the Arctic, a YA novel with stand-up and songs for kids.

There were also several other authors at OLA, in particular at S&B Books who had 4 authors today alone. And guess which great children’s author was there? C’mon, guess. Yeah I know there’s so many great Canadian children’s authors. Well, it was Jean Little. When I was in grade two Jean visited my school. I still remember that. I also remember my cousin used to talk about her a lot when we were kids. So I purchased Rescue Pup and Forward, Shakespeare! and had her sign them for my goddaughter (my cousin’s daughter). I think it’ll be a treat for them both!

I also met, or sat in super close proximity, to many libarian celebrities, about whom I’ll blog later.

I think it’s great how sponsors and OLA can bring in such a great many authors and other fantastic guests; it really adds to the conference experience. I guess my work also had two authors signing – Barbara Coloroso and Eric Walters (never heard of him, but I guess his book Shattered is pretty hot). Because without authors, where would libraries be? (or actually, what would we be?)


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