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oops – comments moderated

Hey all. So it seems a while ago I decided to moderate comments. I don’t remember making that decision, though I do remember considering it, but I guess I actually went through with it. Usually if I had chosen to do such a thing I would’ve gotten email notification, but I’m not a premium member so I can’t get emails (from Haloscan), which is why I think it odd I did put moderation on.

Since December comments were moderated, but I didn’t receive comment notification so they never got posted. And I just thought y’all had nothing to say anymore! In fact, there were a lot of you that did have something to say:

From my post on the letter to the editor on Windsor Public Libraries, Art shares his letter in response.

From the post about the man fired from Zellers for taking choclate, the Anti Librarian comments that garbage really is free for the taking in Montreal and I have to agree that my assumption that others know that garbage (at least in Ontario) is not free was too broad; it’s just I’ve heard of similar cases.

And in response to my post on women who blog, Rebecca from Larocque and Roll gives her faves.

So, I’m taking moderation off. I get so little spam that it’s not that hard to delete when necessary. Yet, if for some reason I mysteriously put moderation back on, I’ve now subscribed to my comment feed, so I’ll get notification this time!


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