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OLA. Session 1021: Technology and Education: Are Library Schools Doing an Adequate job?

I attended this session Friday morning featuring a panel with Jenny Levine, Mary Cavanagh and Michael Stephens. Although I did take plenty of notes, Jenny has done a pretty good job at blogging the session. Michael also posted his presentation. So, I’ll leave you to look through their notes and ideas. I did find it interesting though that Mary has examined the curricula for library schools across Canada and found the descriptions of the mandatory technology courses to be lacking; though she did find that when she visited such a class it did not follow the description and was more creative. I think I’d just like to see two options for the mandatory tech class – one for those with zero experience and another for others. Yes that means these students are seperated and will have different learning opportunites but if say, every student had a blog, or they created a wiki for the two classes, I think it’d be good. I just hate to see students’ time wasted on learning how to save and open a file. Also, would it be so difficult integrating technology concepts into other courses? I don’t think so. Now, if only any faculty had shown up….

Okay, so here’s the links to Jenny and Michael’s blogs:

The Shifted Librarian: 20060203 OLA – Technology and Education: Are Library Schools Doing Enough

Tame The Web: Technology and Education: Are Library Schools Doing Enough



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