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University’s Pride Library comes out of the shadows

TheStar.com – University’s Pride Library comes out of the shadows: “In an ordinary Canadian library, if Andrew George searched for a book with the keyword ‘bears,’ the computer system would list all the volumes dealing with a large furry animal.”

One of my classmates worked at the Pride library when I was at FIMS. She was in my Classification and Indexing course and I do remember the discussion the class had about the indexing used at the Pride library. Yes, terms such as “bareback” (i think?) and “golden shower” thrown back and forth in the library school classroom. It was only after class that I realized many of my classmates didn’t know these terms, so I’m not sure if they gained as much perspective on the indexing issue as they might’ve; on the other hand I think they gained quite a lot once we explained to them what those terms meant (perhaps a case of TMI).

It’s great to see the Pride library really integrated into the rest of the library system.


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