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Ont. mulls organ donations presumed consent law – CTV News, Shows and Sports — Canadian Television

CTV Toronto – Ont. mulls organ donations presumed consent law

Ok, so this isn’t library related, but I think it’s important. I’ve always wanted this. Why? I don’t know – I’ve never had a family member who needed a transplant (though friends of friends). I just think of it as part of my duty as a citizen.

If I end up on the metal table, go ahead, take whatever you need. Take it all. I’m not sure my lungs are all that great (being asthmatic) but hey, go for it. Same if any of my family is ever in that situation – please take their parts. My dad has already said he wants to be cremated, so why not salvage what you can before he’s turned into ash?

I realize because I have no religion this decision makes things easier for me. I imagine there are lots of folks who would never consider organ donation and those who are ambivalent. That’s fine. I just think there also those who’ve just never thought of it; never thought to discuss it with their family and they need to.

I know people who are against it will be annoyed that they have to make sure they’re in the no-donate database and then they may still fear that their name might “magically” disappear when the time comes, but I’m sorry, they’ll just have to deal with it.

I think life is more important than death (well that is, in terms of our bodies) and a dead person doesn’t need their parts anymore, so c’mon, hand it over.

Last year at my sorority’s regional conference, there was a speaker from Gift of Life in Michigan. She was a mother. Her son had died. She made the decision to donate. It was heart breaking hearing her story, but it was also so uplifting to see how she felt her son made one final contribution that helped the lives of three others. She felt that organ donation was so important that she now is a speaker for the program – that has to tell you something about the donor program!

So please, consider it whether you are still in a province/state/country where you have to declare your intentions to donate or if you live in a place that already has legislation as the bill discussed in the article. And don’t forget to share your decision with family and friends!

Here’s the link to the Ontario Ministry of Health webpage on organ and tissue donation and here’s the link to Trillium Gift of Life.


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