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The joy of wireless

As I sit hear sipping my chai latte, having just finished a supper of a bagel and soup, I can’t help but think it’s so great that Waterloo’s uptown is wireless. The entire uptown [i.e town centre – I don’t know why it’s uptown and not downtown; I think it’s because Kitchener is so close so it’s downtown while Waterloo is up].

Last night it took me 2 hours to get home for work. Very frustrating. All the more reason for me to get a ticket from KPL to see Phil Edmonston speak. With tips on “Good ‘beaters’ for less than $1,000”, how could I not be tempted? Needless to say today was a cranky day.

Yesterday after I finished work, but before I left I was chatting with my supervisor. I told her I had a blog (well three) and I showed her. She bookmarked it. She’s probably reading this. It’s funny that I haven’t given it to any of my other coworkers, though they know it exists. I get along well with my supe though so no worries, besides I don’t complain about work on here, do I?

I really had a point to this post, but I forget it now. I would just like to add though that I’m happy to see my KPL has added wireless too!

So now I can drag my humungous laptop to either main library! (I used to think size didn’t matter, but as I sit in this café with the largest laptop, I have to say I feel a bit ot of place – like when I went to Japan last year.)

Well, off to dance class.


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